Cloudy Collection in Mpls

Thanks @eighthourday

Pink Hobo Gallery | Minneapolis, MN., featuring sustainable letterpress prints by a collective of artists, illustrators, designers, and cartoonists.
FEATURED ARTISTS INCLUDE: Ed Emberley – Ipswich, MA, Blanca Gómez – Madrid, Spain, Tad Carpenter – Kansas City, MO, Frank Chimero – Portland, OR, Aesthetic Apparatus: Dan Ibarra and Michael Byzewski – Minneapolis, MN, Eight Hour Day: Katie Kirk and Nathan Strandberg – Minneapolis, MN, Always with Honor: Tyler and Elsa Lang – Portland, OR, Lab Partners: Ryan Meis and Sarah Labieniec – San Francisco, CA, Mike Perry – Brooklyn, NY, Julia Rothman – Brooklyn, NY, Marian Bantjes – Bowen Island, British Columia, Canada, Ray Fenwick – Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada, and Nate WIlliams – Bueno Aires, Argentina.

Prints will be on display and available for purchase in the gallery.

More info about Cloudy Collection :


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